Quote/Update 09/02/16

Hello everyone!

I know, I’ve been gone for quite some time.. To be honest, I’ve been really busy and super stressed out. Most of all, with all of the stress and anxiety lately, I have been feeling insanely uninspired. I felt like I’ve been too exhausted to even think twice about writing, and I’ve only written twice in the last few weeks.. And the things I’ve written are still sitting in my folder, waiting to be finished and posted.

I have this habit that I developed last year at my old job. See, when I worked there, I don’t think I’ve ever felt worse in my life, and I was tired of it. I needed some hope, inspiration, motivation to grow and eventually leave. At first, I wrote quotes that were mostly just for me, only one or two people noticed them. Then, I would fight back with my quotes- mainly about leadership. And then I started writing them out, after searching them online, on the back of a checklist that I turned in during each shift. Turns out the girl that read them actually really loved these quotes, and looked forward to seeing them every morning. (Update on that: I send her pictures of quotes I write out)

I still have whiteboards by my desk at this new job, as does everyone, and lately, I’ve been feeling anxious and stressed to the max, and I’ve hit my limit more than once these past few weeks. So this morning, I decided I needed a change in scenery, even if it was something as small as changing the quotes on my boards. I found some really awesome ones, but my favorite one I found this morning is this:

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” -Maya Angelou

Okay, WOW.

I feel seriously so much better, and I continued searching through Maya Angelou quotes on Google, and I just seriously feel the most intense need to read and write, to settle down and let the words flow, or get lost in a book world and forget my problems for a bit. My therapist would most likely tell me that I’m just distracting myself or avoiding the issues, but as long as I don’t make a habit of it, I should be fine. Right?

Now that I’ve talked about myself, we could talk about my projects I’m working on. As lots of you know, I’ve been writing chapters in a story I called Flight. I am currently working on part 7 and I think (key word) I’m about finished. After part 7, Part 8 should be my last.. At this point, I’m trying to figure out how to spit out exactly what I want to say without each portion being too lengthy! I have been working on another project, a short story. This one is starting to feel like I bit off a bit more than I can chew, and I only wanted it to be one post, but who knows right now? This idea basically hit me like a freight train at work, and when I told my sister the word that inspired me, she huffed and groaned at me… but was relieved when I explained everything else. 🙂 I will give you the title, and I’m really hoping you enjoy this when I do post it… “I, Zombie.” (yes, sounds like the TV show, but it is definitely different!)
Thank you all for sticking with me and being patient. Life has been quite a headache lately and I sincerely hope it gets better from here, and with the help of some inspirational quotes and plenty of wine and coffee, I should get some more work done and released for you all! Happy Friday, enjoy the long weekend! 


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